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Clinton Jaycees History



1936        The Clinton Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) is founded by Jasper W. Morgan

1994        Clinton Jaycees Foundation is established

1996        Symphony of Lights (Foundation fund-raiser) is formed in conjunction with the Clinton Symphony Orchestra

1997        Jaycees refurbish and move into new home - The Lyons Train Depot

1998        Clinton Boat Club (prior home) is taken down

2002        First female member joins

2007        First female president




Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack presents Above & Beyond Award to

The Clinton Jaycees in Des Moines - 2004


Jaycees Left - Right: Amy Neblung, Jeff Atkinson, Tracey Griser, Travis Flatten

(Governor Vilsack on right)




Clinton Jaycees Presidents:



Jasper Morgan 1936-37 Karl Boegel 1956-57 Jack Vaughn 1977-78 Eric Rickerl 2002-03
Arthur Johnson 1937-38 John Townsend 1957-58 Patrick Dermody 1978-79 Steve Napolitano 2003-04
Edgar Jorgensen 1938-39 Truman Greve 1958-59 Dr. L.L. Burkert 1979-80 Tom Van Buer 2005
Ralph Jameson 1939-40 Gilbert Leslie 1959-60 Gary Edgington 1980-81 Tom Dithmart 2006
Vern Carstensen 1940 Orville Goddard 1960-61 Phillip Carstensen 1981-82 Carrie Schwartz 2007
Frank Haun 1940-41 Phillip Hoffman 1961-62 Stan Hansen 1982-83 Ben Hoff 2008
Jerome Greenbaum 1941 Don Brondyke 1962-63 Dave Samuelson 1983-84    
Carroll Johnson 1941-42 John Pelisek 1963-64 John Judge 1984-85    
Don Boegel 1942-43 Buss Henschel 1964-65 Al Root 1985-86    
Ben Thomas 1943 Bill Stamp 1965 Gerry Freudenberg 1986-87    
Ed Zastrow 1943-44 Gene Siefken 1965 Paul Roth 1987-88    
Dean Boyce 1944-45 Don Schoephorster 1965-66 Tim McDonald 1988-89    
Lloyd Nelson 1945 Ron Meyer 1966-67 Gregg Obren 1989-90    
Paul Eastland 1945-46 Herb French 1967 Mike McKone 1990-91    
Robert Stevensen 1946-47 Sam Clark 1967-68 Rich Runde 1991-92    
Jack Kramer 1947-48 Ken Kroemer 1968-69 Wayne Noethe 1992-93    
Paul Eastland 1948-49 Art Ollie 1969-70 Jim Tuisl 1993-94    
Bill Davis 1949-50 Jack Markel 1970-71 Jim Marshall 1994-95    
Carmen Eckman 1950-51 Dean Bolten 1971-72 Brent Turney 1995-96    
Robert Boegel 1951 Doug Friend 1972-73 Joe Leonard 1996-97    
Herbert Nickelsen 1951-52 Bill Hurlburt 1973-74 Dr. Dan Blohm 1997-98    
Fred Eble, Jr. 1952-53 Dave George 1974 Stephen Schultz 1998-99    
George Clausen 1953-54 Bill Rigby 1974-75 Jeff Atkinson 1999-00    
Don Anderson 1954-55 Dale Stewart 1975-76 Steve Mangler 2000-01    
Dr. H.L. Burkert 1955-56 Don Steen 1976-77 Travis Flatten 2001-02    



Tribute To Our Founder:

jasper_morgan_shadow.jpg (97198 bytes)

Jasper W. Morgan
1905 - 1998

Our founder & organizer, Jasper W. Morgan, was a young lawyer from Clinton, Iowa.  Jasper felt that the young people of Clinton didn't have a say in our community's affairs.  He felt, and soon found out, that the "elder-regime" controlled everything that happened in our community.  As Jasper started organizing the young men of Clinton, he received threats that he would be ran out of town if he continued.  Those threats only strengthened his resolve.  He founded and incorporated the Clinton Junior Chamber of Commerce (The Clinton Jaycees) in 1936, in order to provide the younger men in our community with a platform to have an impact on our community's direction.

Jasper was the first president of The Clinton Jaycees.  His vision, strength, and determination for the young men of Clinton to have a voice has been passed on through the years.  The many Jaycee projects carried out for the youth, underprivileged, seniors, and the community as a whole is a true sign that his vision is still alive.

Because of his efforts, The Clinton Jaycees has long served as a launch pad for many of the "movers and shakers" of our community.

Thank you Jasper.