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The Clinton Jaycees shall be a non-profit corporation, organized for civic service through the organized efforts of the young persons of the community to promote the welfare of the community and its citizens through active, constructive projects.  It shall be the further purpose of this corporation to provide the young persons constituting its membership training in leadership and civic consciousness to better their usefulness as citizens.


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Nominations are currently being accepted for the -

71st Annual Jaycees Community Awards Banquet


The Clinton Jaycees 71st annual Community Awards Banquet is fast approaching with the date set for March 26, 2008 at The Tuscany Special Events Center.  The Jaycees will be honoring the Boss of the Year, as well as an Outstanding Young Educator, Young Religious Leader, and Young Farmer in the Gateway Area.


The Clinton Jaycees are seeking nominations for each of these awards.  These awards are important symbols of the outstanding work and community service that is given by persons living in the Clinton area.


If you know of anyone deserving of these awards please contact Drew Au of the Clinton Jaycees for a nomination form at (563) 659-3663 or download nomination forms in the Awards Banquet area of our website.


All nominations must be received by March 12, 2005.






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